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Possessiveness is one of the traits of canon Edward that comes across so well in FanFic. Today we would love to share a few more Possessivewards with you and we would LOVE to hear about your favourites, so please share in the comments below! We have a special guest this week in PlanetBluethe fabulous author of one of our favourite stories here at Fan Fiction Fridays, Deviant. Cullen by Dariachenowith Osa Bella by Myg.

On a personal note, I would like to thank PlanetBlue for single-handedly curing me of my fear of men with mustaches. I seriously owe her one! Will she ever get into his? The chatter about it would get so intense, I knew I had to dive in. The story begins as Bella is travelling back to Forks where her Godmother, Esme, is dying. This dark, deeply possessive Edward will haunt you — his power over Bella is palpable, and it feels like Bella is fighting a losing battle against him. She fights valiantly, but there is no doubt — these two are destined for each other.

Sometimes, death interferes. Sometimes the world conspires to keep soul mates apart. But sometimes, the bitterest pill to take is the soul mate that has been there all of your life.

The soul mate who wants to consume you, to own you, to drink your strength. The soul mate that is tied to you, and you are shackled to them. Fate dealt a cruel card to Bella Swan. This was one instance where it may have been better if the souls had never found each other, but, as always, they had been dragged together like black magnets.

On one side of the coin, it was a blessing, because Bella had her soul mate by her side since the moment she first opened her eyes on this world. But on the flipside, the blessing was her curse: her wicked soul mate could hear her thoughts, read her like a book and use what he wished.

It took her most of her life to realize she was being conquered, and years to escape his tyranny. There is a reason this story is a Twilight Fan Fiction Legend — the story and the characters are completely captivating. Last Tango in Forks by AwesomeSauce Could a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger begin to change all of that? I think you know what I mean! You get to savour it for the first time.


Lock your doors, close the curtains, ignore the world and prepare for a treat. So, how did it all begin? Responding to that ad is a catalyst for big changes…you know, life changing changes…mysterious-stranger-life-changing-changes because when she views the apartment, someone is already there.

A sad, broken, crying man.We have forever, after all. He rested his hands against the recently painted wall of our new bedroom, on either side of my head, pressing his body flush to mine, trapping me. His thumb rubbed my already taut nipple through the thin fabric of my bra. I dropped my head onto his shoulder, clinging to him desperately, and moaned loudly into the crook of his neck.

His cool touch felt so unbelievably good against my overheated skin. My fingers clenched his midnight blue T-shirt tightly around his waist, trying to pull him closer. Have you forgotten it already?

twilight fanfiction possessive vampire mate oc

I whimpered at the loss of contact, my body craved for his touch insanely. I reached for him, wrapping my trembling fingers around his lower arms, trying to pull him back to me.

He knew perfectly well what he was doing to me, and he enjoyed every second of it.

I shook my head, cutting him off, before he could've finished his sentence. I stepped closer to him and pressed my face into his marble chest, inhaling his intoxicating scent. I felt his fingers in my hair almost instantly, he cradled my face ever so gently. My skin burnt under his touch. He tilted my head back and locked his eyes with mine.

twilight fanfiction possessive vampire mate oc

I saw love and pure need shining in them. We stared at each other for a long moment. Only our ragged breathing broke the silence of the room. I wanted him. The desire that swept through me suddenly was unbearable, I could hardly stay on my feet. He smiled and I watched his eyes turn onyx in a mere second.

He leaned down and captured my lips in a heated, passionate kiss. His tongue caressed my bottom lip, asking for entrance, which I granted eagerly.

His cool, sweet, spicy taste flooded my mouth as he rubbed his tongue against mine sensually, and I moaned, completely lost in him. His hands roamed down my back, his cool fingers followed the line of my spine, then sneaked under my tank top again, leaving a trail of fire wherever they touched my bare skin. He pushed my top up again, much quicker this time. Reluctantly I released my hold around him and lifted my arms.

He broke our kiss and pulled the soft, purple material off me, dropping it down onto the floor. He paused for a brief moment, his eyes widened in awe as he watched my hair fall around my face again, gently brushing my shoulders and my bare back.

Then his loving gaze traveled down on my almost bare torso, drinking in every little detail of my body, as if it'd been the first time he saw me like this.

This was one of the many things I loved so much about Edward. No matter how many times we'd made love before, he always made me feel like it was our first time, special and magical. In his arms I always felt like I was his most precious treasure. He pressed our palms together tightly, our fingers melted together perfectly and my whole body hummed in delight.

It never ceased to amaze me how every tiny portion of our bodies fitted together so completely, so perfectly. It was like we were designed for each other. Two halves of a whole. A soft purr escaped his lips and he tugged my hands gently, pulling me into his arms again. The coolness of his skin seeped through the thin fabric of his T-shirt, straight into my bones, sending a soft tremor of pleasure through my whole body.If you have a banner which is featured on this blog, that is currently uncredited, please let me know and I will make sure this is rectified immediately.

Will he be allowed a second chance? Where can I read this fic? Like this: Like Loading Fate could tear them a part. Banner by Jaime Arkin Where can I read this fic? He was like an avenging angel — straight from hell. He held out his hand.

Marriage or death. Did Bella have a choice? She should be focused on college, but he was all things dangerously sexy and charming. Who do you need, who do you love when you come undone? Banner by beffers87 Where can I read this fic?

twilight fanfiction possessive vampire mate oc

It began years ago in the cafeteria of Forks Junior High. So, when one of the worst of the worst breaks out, just like the everpresent mist, danger lurks everywhere. Banner by Ipsita Where can I read this fic? April 26th, Search for:. Like Our Facebook Page. Post to Cancel.Story Author Community Forum. PM me if you know of any good stories not listed here! I add stories frequently! English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 61 - Since: - Founder: aida No cliche's. All sorts of pairings.

Humans, Vampires, Werewolves, the works of it. Well written, quality fanfiction. They'll make you laugh, cry, happy dance, throw pointy objects at cliffhangers and are totally addicting. Canon pairings. These are all the stories about these two that make me feel warm and fuzzy. Twilight favorites. There's really no bias as to who ends up with who, just well written works of art.

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All human or not. Just as long as it is our favorite characters in the past. Most of the stories are in the present or future and the past has some amazing chances to be heard. The lifestlyes are different and the characters are allowed to do different things.

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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. And not like, the fun, wacky kind of weird, more like the "mercilessly bullied for most of her childhood" kind of weird. After a lifetime of suffering in the heat, sun, and crowds of Phoenix, Arizona, she finally manages to get her twin sister and only friend on board with moving back to the Pacific Northwest to live with their father, in the tiny town of Forks, Washington.

Guin planned on spending her last year of high school working on her portfolio, watching far too many period dramas, and hoping that people wouldn't laugh at her too much. What Guin didn't plan on was a strange boy with golden eyes-- who didn't think she was strange at all. Jasper and Bella are mates.

But Edward and Alice are keeping them apart, so they have to think of a plan to get away of the controlling vampires One Shot! On the whole, they were at peace. And then Alice gasped, and Edward was treated to a brief barrage of images:.

A brown hand tucking a small, dark braid behind the shell of an ear. A slightly uncomfortable smile. An indignant frown. A school classroom. Blood, and entirely too much of it. A tiny, pale hand holding a warm human hand, applying nail polish. And a few more in a similar vein. It was doubtful that Jasper would much appreciate that Edward had seen his second mate— or flashes of her, anyway —before he had.

So, out of respect, Edward sprinted out to the woods, where he could busy himself finding some deer to joylessly exsanguinate until Alice was done explaining her vision. Sadie Gilder is a high school student with a love for psychology, a strong moral compass, and a fair amount of curiosity. She is also Alice and Jasper's foreseen new mate. Now he has a transitioning Bella on his hands with the rest of his family hundreds of miles away, and he vows that if he couldn't protect her in life, he'll damn sure look after her through this.

Bella Swan finally back in Forks meets the mysterious cullens but the one she wants is already taken, she befriends another. The Dursleys have forced Harry to move to Forks, Washington to keep him away from the wizarding world. The abuse have gotten much more fierce and horrible than ever before, when Harry thought he was in last moments as he got the razor blade a very certain handsome vampire saved him, or did he?

Being rewritten. Currently discontinued. A vampire is fated to have one perfect match Or that is what they are lead to believe. It takes the Boy Who Lived finding his way into a sleepy town to change the status quo. There wasn't one or two meant for him, but three, and the first one to find him isn't about to share. If You are viewing this on an app that has any sort of ad or subscription fee, please exit and use the website.

That app? It's monetizing the works the writers of AO3 provide for free.Chapter 1: Boring, Lifeless, Alone. I licked the last drops of blood off my lips as the body of the drained panther dropped from my hands with a muted thud. I stood gracefully as I wiped my hands against my jeans to clean off the dirt which I had gained from fighting the beast.

I closed my eyes as the cool night air whipped against my face, making my brunette hair swirl around my face, and sending the trees into a shudder. I sighed as I ghosted through the trees.

My bare feet, not making a sound, guided me through the wilderness. The crickets sang and the wolves howled. I glanced up and the night sky. The full moon hung in all its glory, surrounded by millions of stars. I sighed again, my breath exhaling out of my mouth like a gust of wind. I moved my feet at a faster pace when suddenly everything around me turned to a green blur.

I sprinted for about five minutes, the moss being squashed underneath my feet, when suddenly, two robins flew past me. I froze in my tracks as I gazed at the robins, weaving in and out of the trees together, forming what can only be described as a dance. It was obvious that they must have been partners. I cocked my head to the side as I considered this.

When animals mated, it was for life. They do not look for another partner, ever. When vampires mate, it is for eternity. You know when you have found your mate, because as soon as you look at them, you want to submit yourself to them in everyway. Sometimes, two males will claim that one female is their mate, in which case they have to fight 'til the death.

It is never that two females like one male, because male vampires are exceptionally stronger than female vampires. Or so I heard. Male vampires are very possessive of their mates and are more dominant in their relationships. They do not even let another male look at their mate unless the other male is already mated.

And if you see one of these fights, you must never get involved. I, Isabella Marie Swan, have been on God's clean Earth for 21 years and I have spent 4 of those years in by 17 year old body.

How is that possible, you ask? Well, to put it simply, I am a vampire. I do not drink human blood, but I live off the blood of animals.You put that club down right now!

You see, my mother and I don't get along. At all. And today, she decided to piss me off by taking away my iPod because I didn't do the dishes last night. Pussy reason, if you ask me. So, here I am, in the middle of the yard, standing over my mom's laptop with a golf club raised above my head. You have been out of control lately and it stops now. I'm putting my foot down. She says that all the time.

I heard a car behind me and I looked over to see the devil himself about to park his truck into the driveway. I'm outta here I walked over to my so called mother and yanked my iPod out of her hands while she was waiting for Phil to get out. I ran to my bike, climbed on, and brought it to life. God dammit, I loved my Harley. Riding my bike was my favorite thing to do. It was a rush and got my mind off things.

I rode through town and into the desert. It was sunset, so it wasn't too hot. I didn't bother with a helmet. I knew I was 17, but, it wasn't like the police would come out here to stop me. I know I wouldn't. I loved to feel the wind in my hair. I definitely wasn't one of those people that thinks thought it was the end of the world if a hair on my head was out of place.

My hair is always untamed. It's not frizzy or ratty; it just always looks sort of messy. Like beach hair. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with me taking my bike everywhere.

I love this thing. I drove until after dark.


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Twilight fanfiction possessive vampire mate oc
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