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Of course, familiarity has taught us that the had more than enough of all the things we love about the breed. With the attracting flak for its electrically assisted steering, prices may even start to harden. But which are the best versions, which of the many options are desirable, and what goes wrong? To recap, the was launched in September in Carrera and Carrera S guises, the former with a bhp 3. It still has more than enough power to put a smile on your face and can be the greater bargain; marque experts say they also see fewer problems with the smaller engine….

The was dripping with technology. Slightly confusingly, there was also a Sport chassis option, which lowered the ride by 20mm and added a limited-slip diff. The gearbox choices were a new six-speed manual or the familiar five-speed Tiptronic auto. The tech worked too — in road tests we could detect tangible benefits from switching PASM to its firmer setting, while pressing the Sport button sharpened the dynamics a treat.

Another worthwhile option at resale time is PCM Porsche Communication Managementwhich combines an upmarket hi-fi with the factory-fit satnav. The all-wheel-drive Carrera 4 and 4S versions the latter another firm evo favourite arrived in NovemberTurbo and GT3 derivatives inand there were also Targa and Cabriolet variants, but the next big development in this story was the launch of the second-gen for the model-year.

The engine was heavily revised, now boasting direct injection and VarioCam Plus valvegear, and power was up — a formidable bhp for the Carrera S, lifting its top speed to mph and cutting its to the low-4s.

The gen-2 also saw the introduction of the PDK twin-clutch auto as an option and a myriad of detail improvements. The critical difference was that the revised engine suffered none of the problems that are known to afflict early s see Checkpoints. These later cars are, of course, substantially more expensive.

Peter Morgan porscheinspections. As with any high-performance car, look at plenty and buy the best you can afford. Happy hunting. Having enjoyed a on the handling course, things moved up a notch! I started looking for a Carrera 2S, partially for the extra top-end power and mid-range torque of the 3. At just under four years old, with 36, miles on the clock, it was in stunning condition.

I bought it with an engine warranty — the forums persuaded me that this was essential — and with it having had a major service at an Official Porsche Centre. Porsche servicing is pricey but maintains the value on newer cars.

The power delivery is just fabulous. Ferrari SF90 Stradale review — driving the game-changing bhp hybrid flagship. Skip to Content Skip to Footer. Find a car review Make Make. Model Model.The We should probably be snapping them up in droves now. Above: From the engine compartment lid louvers to the headlights, indicators, and hood cut line, aparticularly in a funky color like Macadamia or Malachite Green, is a very attractive car.

The interior re-design was also a success, giving the a center stack that for the first time looked like something other than an afterthought. Above: Interior. In the Performance In terms of usable performance, the 3.

The top speed is somewhere around mph.

Porsche 911 Carrera: used 997 long-term test review (2015)

Maybe not absolute top-shelf today, but neither will you be smoked by a Kia Stinger. Intangibles The looks and feels like a rear-engined car. Slow in, fast out. That old saw should be engraved on the dash of every Price Now for the best part: The base Carrera is hands-down one of the biggest bargains in the Porsche world.

There might be a hair of depreciation left in the The new Ordinarily, when Many of us All Rights Reserved. Skip to main content. Porsche Club of America. Search form Search. Main Menu. You are here Home. Tuesday, April 10, Share this Story. All News Headlines Only. News Updates.A design that unites traditional and modern. That ensures more dynamism on the road. And causes a sensation for everyone who follows the Typically the long, flat hood, the steeply inclined windshield and the roof line that slopes gently down towards the rear.

The fenders are more clearly shaped, the rear is powerful and clearly emphasizes the horizontal. The seamless light strip with LED technology between the three-dimensional LED taillights characterizes the appearance of all models. And makes them unmistakable, even at night.

An eye-catching and defining element of the Targa models: the roll-over bar. Agile and progressive: the also appears particularly athletic due to the different wheel sizes at the front and rear.

The shape and position of the main headlights are also reminiscent of the first generations. The latest LED technology is used inside them. The hood with its characteristic dynamic recess profiles — and its straight slope to the front fascia — is a reference to the earlier models. Analog precision combined with digital integration. The interior combines old strengths with new possibilities and, as a sports car, is one thing above all: strictly designed for the driver.

The ascending center console ensures short distances between steering wheel and gear lever, and the intuitively placed switches and buttons. All for the unmistakable sensation of driving a High-resolution displays, touch-sensitive buttons, consolidated functions. Thanks to the Porsche Advanced Cockpit control concept, the interior has never been so focused. Typical sports car: the buttons, which have been consciously kept as analog buttons, offer direct access to essential drive and chassis functions.

Left and right of the analog tachometer are two high-resolution 7-inch displays with essential vehicle information — enhanced by the high-resolution From the gear selector to the air outlet: every surface, every detail is carefully considered and in high quality. There is virtually no end to the combination of options of available material and equipment — your personal taste is the limit.

Legal notice. Privacy Notice. The 8-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung PDK enables incredibly swift gear changes without interrupting the flow of power — in milliseconds. PDK combines a very sporty tuning in first to sixth gear with efficient overdrive ratios seventh and eighth gear. The short distances with optimum connection to the individual gears ensure a very direct link between driver and car.Or a nightmare? Is the engine in the wrong place? Would Porschefying our lives ruin our bank balances?

Can you possibly justify spending forty large on a six-year-old, out-of-date car? Would decades of rave reviews end up unravelling under the cold scrutiny of day-to-day life with a truculent, impractical status symbol?

porsche 911 carrera/s 997 [archivio]

All these questions — and more — have been bubbling away during our year-long tenure of a secondhand The car came from the Porsche Approved Pre-Owned scheme, arguably the safest way to source your organic used Pork. We made one change to FE59 SJY before delivery, swapping the crap gearchange buttons on the steering wheel for a more intuitive paddleshift.

What a difference! I ended up quite liking the PDK transmission. Damned with faint praise? With seven ratios, cruising is very relaxed indeed, the cc flat-six burbling away at just rpm in top.

This helps fuel consumption and we were impressed by how close to the claimed average of With a decent litre fuel tank three litres down on Carrera 4s, anorakswe enjoyed a frisson of reassurance every time we filled up and saw miles flash up on the predicted range.

Porsche 997 911

Nothing broke or failed in our year with the Faults can be summarised on the fingers of one hand: the PDK threw a wobble twice and went into neutral at low, about-town speeds, but the problem disappeared; a rear exhaust finisher came loose and ended up at a wonky angle; and the front bumper had a small area of delamination, possibly after a power hose too many.

But the left us after nearly 13, hard miles of daily driving feeling as tight as the day it arrived. Palpable engineering integrity is one of the crowning achievements of the It feels so much better built than comparable exotica of this vintage — from the solidly assembled dashboard to the way it sits on the road, dives into corners and responds to every input into those precisely weighted, delicate pedals and still hydraulically assisted wheel.

porsche 911 carrera/s 997 [archivio]

The leather hide felt like new, the air-con blew so cold we occasionally froze and the retro touches such as carpeted doors are beautifully finished. Running costs were bearable, bar one pricey visit to Mid-Sussex Porsche at 32, miles. Be reassured that s only need maintenance every two years or 30, miles and those 19in N-rated Michelin Pilot Sports had 5mm at every corner when it left us. Should you plunge your hard-earned into a similar era ? Our experience would resoundingly support you if you did.

Has anything gone wrong with our nearly,mile secondhand ? Those quad exhausts are in fact strapped-on finishers. Someone pointed out we were suffering from wonky pipes, as the right-hand pair had swivelled around. Easily solved by crawling underneath, adjusting the angle and tightening a bracket. Of more concern is the transmission warning light and lack of drive suffered by colleagues Ben Miller and Matt Tarrant, both at busy junctions.

Otherwise, the continues to shine and the flat-six feels bulletproof. My poison of choice?There are no cheap Porsche s, but in a world where both air-cooled and GT3 models are quickly becoming unobtanium and regular models are rising in price too, a good deal is harder to find.

The generation Carrera 4S might be the bargain to seek out. It's modern enough to comfortably daily drive, but analog enough to remind you it's a rear-engined car. Farah notes that the was a big seller, so there's a glut of used models on the market, keeping prices relatively sane.

Of course, it's not as much a bargain as the "fried egg"but the C4S still a lot of car for the money. Hopefully, the supply won't run out and the prices will stay relatively low.

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porsche 911 carrera/s 997 [archivio]

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997.1 vs 997.2 Exhaust Battle

You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. This commenting section is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page. You may be able to find more information on their web site. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Car Culture.This Porsche Its engine is the bhp naturally aspirated flat-six, with rear-wheel drive via the seven-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission and thumb shift buttons.

The odometer shows 74, miles from new. The The PDK transmission was also a major upgrade over the Tiptronic gearbox. It also featured improvements to the suspension, LED daytime running lamps and tail lights, and a 30bhp power hike from the 3.

2008 PORSCHE 911 (997.2) CARRERA S

This particular car was supplied by Porsche Nottingham in September There are just two previous keepers on the log book, though the seller states that the one prior to him was the supplying dealer - so it is described as a two private owner car. He has owned the car since Decemberand has enjoyed more than 13, miles behind the wheel.

porsche 911 carrera/s 997 [archivio]

Today, the bodywork still presents in superb order, with no evidence of any panel damage whatsoever, and with impressive shut lines throughout. The Arctic Silver paint has very few blemishes to speak of, with the seller noting some minor chips around the front, and one on the bonnet. The inch Carrera S alloys are generally in good condition, with only a couple of kerbing grazes on the nearside wheels. The interior of this is in great shape, with no damage to the upholstery, and only very modest wear commensurate with the mileage.

It features extended leather across the dashboard and door caps, as well as manually adjustable heated front seats with electric backrest positioning. Factory-fitted features include PCM with European satellite navigation and telephone module, cruise control, climate control, and rear parking sensors. It presents in superb mechanical condition, having been the subject of a point inspection and front suspension overhaul in December at 74, miles, carried out by Porsche Guildford.

New shock absorbers were installed, along with a new stabiliser bar and drop link. A new battery was also fitted, which has since been kept on a trickle charger when not in use. The result of the inspection enabled a further 12 months of Porsche Extended Warranty and Roadside Assistance to be applied, which therefore expires in December The previous service was carried out in March at 68, miles by Porsche West London, which consisted of an interim maintenance visit and renewal of the brake fluid.

Prior to this, it was serviced in October at 64, miles by Porsche Nottingham, which included replacement of the auxiliary drive belt. The spark plugs were last changed at Porsche West London in Its last MOT test was on 28 November at 74, miles, when it achieved a first-time pass with only two advisories regarding a discoloured repeater bulb, and wear to the rear lower arm suspension bushes.

The latter was rectified as part of the suspension overhaul in December Its wheels are shod in Michelin tyres, which are reported to be in excellent condition at the rear, while the front items will need replacing before the next MOT. The dealer presentation box is also included, along with two keys and Porsche crest fobs. An outdoor car cover also comes with the car. This vehicle shows no insurance database markers for damage or theft, and has no finance owing.

Bid pendingSee all 25 photos. Since its debut inthe Porsche has epitomized singularity in the sports-car world. From the ill-advised rear engine placement -- which still makes Newton roll over -- and the smooth, high-revving boxer motors, to the provocative Bauhaus styling with its roundish headlamps, humped front fenders, and horizontal taillamps, the is an automotive freak.

But it's a striking one that has soldunits worldwide, spawned more race victories than any other sports car, and served as the lustful fantasy of many a car enthusiast. Perhaps what makes the most unique is its comparative breadth. I don't mean to suggest that we've actually pitted the in head-to-head battles with each and every one of the aforementioned although with most we havebut when we want to say just how quick a car is, or how well it handles, or how amazing its steering is, well, there's one reference we turn to.

Whenever a sporty car, whether a coupe, hatchback, sedan, or convertible, requires heroic validation, there is but one benchmark: the Porsche has earned and embraced this bull's-eye status, and there is no better suited to defend that position than the all-new, seventh-generation Longer, lighter, quicker, roomier, and more fuel-efficient than its predecessor, the is an evolutionary masterpiece of speed, style, and technology.

When we want to say just how quick a car is, or how well it handles, or how amazing its steering is, well, there's one reference we turn to. Let's start with the body. Now constructed of almost 50 percent aluminum, including the doors, wings, lids, and roof, the body is about pounds lighter and around percent stiffer, the latter due in part to key uses of ultra-high-strength steel.

Further, the body managed to successfully diet while growing more than 2 inches in length compared to the GTS and having a wheelbase stretched 4 inches. The general appearance is still unmistakablyexcept sometimes from the rear, which can resemble the tail of an Aston Vantage or a BMW Z8. Unlike s of yesterday, the 's tail doesn't slope sharply down towards the road; rather, it juts up a bit, as if imitating a duck.

As fundamental a shift as switching from air- to water-cooled engines in thethe lengthening of the wheelbase represents a new era forone in which the dynamic proportions have been further enhanced. Newton's still shaking his head, but his interest is surely piqued.

Overlap a profile drawing of the over theand the engines' placements reside in essentially the same spots; the major differences being the 's rear axle has shifted 2. The result? Less weight over the rear, which equals better balance. In addition to the improved proportions did I mention the overhangs have been clipped by 1.


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Porsche 911 carrera/s 997 [archivio]
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