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I read in a post that tkeep 3 downto 0 should be tied high, but I have tried both ways. The 1st thing to notice in the signals is that tready is high from the beginning and only goes low after each write. For more information, please refer to PG If your goal is to buffer small amounts of video, you may want to take a look at creating a line buffer with a large FIFO.

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This is an older design, but as an overview it is helpful. The Example design in PG does not have a block design, but it is newer.

axi vdma

If you open up the elaborated design, it can make it simpler to see how the project is implemented. If you want to connect to the PS processing system memory. View solution in original post. Is there any reason why you want to use s2mm tuser as fsync? In this mode, each frame only advances after next tuser arrives.

Image Processing on Zynq (FPGAs) : Part 1 Introduction

Please try free run mode, and then see if you can get continuous tready. After you can make it work with TPG, then switch back to the real Video stream source of your design.

I tried initializing the registers directly instead of using the higher-level functions in xaxivdma. If it is not ready, you cannot keep sending new data. The master does not have to wait for tready to be high to put the first data on the bus, it can go ahead and put data out and pull tvalid high, but once it pulls tvalid high, the data must remain constant and tvalid must stay high until the slave pulls ready high to acknowledge a handshake and data transfer.

If you change it back to tuser you will need to verify that your s2mm tuser signal is operating correctly. One of the most common reasons that it goes low is that data is not being transferred from internal buffer space out of the core, usually caused by backpressure from downstream or sizing conflicts. You did a good job of showing how you instantiated the core in your first post which shows a lot of the cores configuration. The VDMA contains registers that need to be set to allow it to operate correctly.

Showing the configuration of these registers allows someone to see the full picture of your design and answer without making assumptions. There is not usually a built-in function for dumping the resisters as a whole. Most of the IP drivers include a function to read form each configuration register quickly and then display the results.

Generating a register dump is a small amount of upfront work but can make it much clearer what your intentions are and make it easier to help find the issue!

Have you measure the tready assertion time in waveform? How many cycles it asserts? Have you ever get tlast pulse in your design? Can you export ILA data, and then upload it, I will take a look.

axi vdma

You programmed your start addressesand I am assuming you set 0x44 to 1 to program the other 16 registers as you set the configuration to 32 frame buffers. You have Vsize set to 1. Is this for testing purposes?It is in the chain of video IPs, which process video frames. If configured as two channels, then one of the channels reads data from memory, and the other channel writes to the memory. The driver composes of three parts: initialization, start a DMA transfer, and interrupt handling.

To initialize the driver, the caller needs to pass a configuration structure to the driver. This configuration structure contains information about the hardware build. If you are writing your own functions to start the transfer, the order of setting up the hardware must be the following:. The driver does the interrupt handling, and dispatch to the user application through callback functions that user has registered. If there are no registered callback functions, then a stub callback function is called.

Each channel has two interrupt callback functions. One for IOC and delay interrupt, or general interrupt; one for error interrupt.

If there is an active transfer going on when reset or stop is issued to the hardware, the current transfer will gracefully finish.

This example does not work by itself. One of the Video IP does the write and the other does the read. This driver does not handle any cache coherency for the data buffers. The application is responsible for handling cache coherency, if the cache is enabled. It only supports word-aligned buffers otherwise.

If the horizontal frame size is not word-aligned, then DRE must be enabled in the hardware. Otherwise, undefined results happen. Buffer addresses for transfers are physical addresses. If the system does not use MMU, then physical and virtual addresses are the same. It supports the following features: Continuous transfers of video frames, AKA circular buffer mode Continuous transfers of one specific video frame, AKA park mode Optionally only transfer a certain amount of video frames Optionally transfer unaligned frame buffers An AXI Video DMA engine can have one or two channels.

Driver Initialization To initialize the driver, the caller needs to pass a configuration structure to the driver. You can do other setup for the hardware. Error Interrupt: An error just happened. If you are using the driver API to start a transfer after a reset, then it should be fine. To start a transfer after a stop: If there are error bits in the status register, then a reset is necessary. Please refer to the Reset section for more details on how to start a transfer after a reset.

Note that the transfer always starts from the first video frame.These serve as bridges for communication between the processing system and FPGA programmable logic fabric, through one of the DMA ports on the Zynq processing system.

Distributed under the MIT License. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. The purpose of this software stack is to allow userspace Linux applications to interact with hardware on the FPGA fabric. The driver and userspace library act as a generic layer between the procesor and FPGA, and abstracts away the details of setting up DMA transactions.

The driver enables userspace application to allocate zero-copy, physically contiguous DMA buffers for transfers, allowing for high bandwidth communication between the FPGA and ARM core.

axi vdma

The driver exposes its functionality via a character device, which the library interacts with. This driver supports 4. It has been tested with the mainline Xilinx kernel, and the Analog Devices' kernel on the Zedboard. The driver should work with any 4.

There is a fork of the repository that has support for multiple processes accessing independent DMA engines by corna. You can find that fork here. Independent DMA engines can be opened by a single process; however, each engine still can only be used by one process at a time. Thus, two processes can not share the TX and RX channels of an engine. In the future, the driver will have proper synchronization for both multiple processes and multiple threads.

In the meantime, if you need multi-process support, the fork is a good workaround. These must be enabled in the kernel the driver is complied against. These should be enabled by default in any Xilinx Linux kenrel fork. To be sure, make sure to double check the kernel configuration by running make menuconfig or by opening the. The following options should be enabled:.

The driver requires a node in the device tree. This node describes the DMA channels that the driver has exclusive access. It is also used to probe the driver, so the driver is activited only when this node is present. The node has the following properties:. This is how the channels are referred to in both the driver and from userspace.

Note you will need to adjust this for your kernel tree and setup:. The contiguous memory allocator works by reserving a pool of memory for contiguous memory allocations that it uses when requested. By default this size is too small for typical uses with this driver.I am trying to use the vdma driver with only the write channel enable. Is there a way that I can use the vdma driver with only the write channel? Maybe a block diagram would be better.

The purpose of this block is to allow me to write from the PS, a frame captured by a webcam… and then send it thourgh an image processing pipeline. One comment is that make sure you have connected your interrupt pins like demonstrated in the base overlay through that system interrupt controller. That way the interrupt dictionary might get parsed properly. I am not sure if this is the real reason, but you can give it a try.

I think the issue i have is related to how th eVMDA block is set up. I checked that page you mentioned - Example 3 does not seem to connect any interrupt? Maybe first thing you want to try is to remove the connection of the interrupt coming out of VDMA block. I have a feeling that it might just work. This is a real pain, as i thought there would be a need to do what i am trying to do, and inject captured webcam video into the PL for processing.

I see what you mean by that. Can you hook up the interrupt as you used to, and comment out this line in driver code:.


I think what you suggested might be a good feature to add in the future release - allowing users to use only read or write channels conditionally. But for your debug purpose for now, you can give it a try by changing that dma.

Just letting you know ive fixed the issue. Can you make sure the issue is considered for the next release for Pynq. In summary i can now write from the webcam into the PL with a write only VMDA block, do some image processing and then read it back into the PS and display it. I have the same problem, did you ever find a solution? If you look at example 3 in this link… this is the sort of thing i wouild like to do… Basically have a read only channel … Darth.

Tried it again, Read only channel write disabled No interrupts connected up just like example 3 in the above Xilinx link Still failed… I suspect the VMDA driver expect that both read and write channels are enabled as well as the appropriate IRQs wired.

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axi vdma

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